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Nikolay Zhukov: born March 4, 1996, is a DJ and music producer. Formerly known as DJ Nikolay Zhukov, now known simply as "Nikolay Zhukov".His number one concern is the quality of the music. As an artist, DJ, songwriter and presenter of radio show he constantly offers unique and compelling perspectives that change over time. Regardless of what he's been working on it for the audience.As the original tastemaker is a pioneer in the process of adopting EDM in new places at all.Welcome to the century Nikolay ZhukovIn addition to music Nikolay Zhukov continued to use their platform to promote healthy and alternative life also.Twitter has become a favorite among fans. Every day, the artist shares advice that can cover everything from production to the Suppression of writer's block.Genres: Progressive Trance, Trance, Progressive House, EDMYears active: 2010 - PresentType of business producer and DJSupported by Morgan Page, EDX, Jenaux.Follow Nikolay Zhukov on Twitter: twitter.com/niko5vegas Like Nikolay Zhukov on Facebook: fb.com/niko5vegas Like Nikolay Zhukov on VK: vk.com/niko5vegas Follow Nikolay Zhukov on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/niko5vegas Follow Nikolay Zhukov on MixCloud: www.mixcloud.com/niko5vegas Follow Nikolay Zhukov on Instagram: instagram.com/niko5vegas